I was just 20 years old, when I got the idea, that I can make my own jewellery.

As a student I didn't have much money. My brothers birthday was getting closer and I really wanted to give him something special. And just like me, he was very into cool unique jewelry. I searched on the internet, how and out of what materials I could make a ring. I did some research, bought the necessary materials and started working.

Luckily had some of my grandfathers talent for art. And after two days I was finally happy with the ring I made. My brother loved them! He was so pleased with them, he showed them to his friends. And that is how I got my first customers.

And after a year and a half, I created my own brand DINON JEWELLERY, which currently has over 10,000 satisfied customers.

We now offer variety of different originally designed products from highest quality materials.

You can contact us at dinon.jewellery@gmail.com for any questions.